Fallout Cascadia (Fallout 4 Mod in Development)

Project Overview

Role: Writer (Previous Co-Lead Writer)
Genre: Open-World RPG
Engine: Creation Kit
Team of 100+

Fallout Cascadia is planning to deliver nearly eighty square kilometers of land centered around Seattle. It takes places hundreds of years after the previous Fallout games, in the year 2329. Featuring multiple questlines, and a return of skills and perks, as well as the dialogue tree featured in Fallout 3 and New VegasCascadia aims to deliver an engaging experience to Fallout fans.

Project Details and Challenges

Fallout Cascadia is not only the biggest project I ever worked on, but also the first that I joined while it was already in development. Soon after, as a writer, I was working on the internal Wiki to help organize things.

Every writer has specific tasks they were assigned to – like specific characters. When I was promoted to a Co-Lead Writer, I helped create forms for quest submissions, as well as supervise and edit tasks by the other writers. Working with the other lead in the narrative department, decisions were always made as a team – from meeting agendas (and then minutes after) to story decisions and organizing the task manager.

Since communication happens through Discord, we have multiple channels to help with communication and workflow. There are three channels for the narrative department – the main writing channel, the meeting channel, and an editing channel to encourage feedback and comments on dialogue sheets and Wiki pages. We also have table reads constantly, to help polish dialogues.

Fallout Cascadia is also interesting because it’s the first project I work on that is open-world, with countless variables. The protagonist isn’t voiced, which means emotions need to be expressed in the lines in a natural way. NPCs, on the other hand, have voice actors that can express said emotions. Working with these two different styles, as well as implementing mechanics into the dialogue – like speech checks.

I also have the opportunity to develop full story arcs for multiple characters, including romance and barks. It’s an incredibly challenging and rewarding experience.

As most of the main questlines are written, I’ve willingly decided to go back to just being a writer. That’s where my passion is: being a part of a team, and working with them to develop an engaging experience. Being in a leadership position wasn’t really working for me, and I strongly believe leaders and managers should be passionate about that part of the job.

Roberto Guedes