The Next Steps

Project Overview

Role: Writer
Genre: Non-Linear Story
Engine: Twine
Solo Project

The Next Steps is my first science fiction project. I’ve always loved the concept of space operas, and I really wanted to try a short story in the genre. It’s part of a series of Twine stories I plan to make. You can play it here.

Project Details and Challenges

For The Next Steps, I wanted to emulate the feel of an universe bigger than the characters, while creating a home feel for the ones you interact with. To create this story, I had to first create some rules for the species I wanted to explore. I didn’t want to make them unbelievable or flawless, and I really liked the idea of exploring their emotions in a more visual way — using colors. This did create some interesting challenges in itself, such as to how to explore all of that via a Twine story with no images. However, this is the kind of challenge I like, as overcoming them is and should be part of my job.

Roberto Guedes