Project Overview

Role: Writer
Genre: Non-Linear Story
Engine: Twine
Solo Project

Reunion is a project about optimism that I’ve been thinking for years now. I’ve decided to make it a short story out of it, as part of a series of projects I plan to work on Twine. You can play it here.

Project Details and Challenges

During VFS, I worked with a team to expand the world of Reunion for an assignment. Each of us (a group of three) then individually created some linear dialogue scenes using Final Draft for it. As I wanted to expand my skills in non-linear writing, I asked for their permission to make my dialogue scene non-linear, and expand on it. Once I got it, I explored different ideas, as I wanted to keep it about two siblings’ perspectives of the world they’re living in — and with a clear message: that we can overcome the hardest of challenges.

Roberto Guedes