Moving Out (Twine Story Game)

Project Overview

Role: Writer
Genre: Non-Linear Story
Engine: Twine
Solo Project

We all know how it is to move out. But only a few know how it is to move out of the city, and even fewer know what it is to move out of the country. It’s something that is different for everyone, and this is lightly inspired by my personal story, but not based on. You can play Moving Out by clicking here.

Project Details and Challenges

I wrote and edited this in a timespan of two weeks, and I wanted to go back to improve it. But I changed my mind, challenging myself to move forward and apply what I learned to future stories.

Writing a story with dialogue, but without any voice acting makes expression and tonality harder than I expected. A lot of the changes during the edits were solely focused on this, and I believe the final result is better because of it.

Roberto Guedes