Xeno Insignia (2D Turn-Based Strategy Game)

Project Overview

Role: Writer and Level Designer
 2D Turn-Based Strategy Game
Unity 5
Team Size: 5 Developers, 4 Voice Actors

Xeno Insignia is a turn-based strategy game about a group of mercenaries trying to get to a location before their rivals. Heavily inspired by sci-fi and games such as Fire Emblem and Advance Wars, the project was my first experience in the genre. It’s a game with three levels, and it requires a controller to play. You can download it from here.

It was nominated for Best 2D Project at Vancouver Film School.

Project Details and Challenges

In Xeno Insignia, I was responsible for all action lines from the protagonists, as well as designing the first level and its enemy placements. I collaborated with the Project Manager on the second level, and he did the third. I also collaborated on the background story of the game, including the motivations of the main characters, their personalities, what they were looking for and how they would progress in the world they were located in.

Challenges: As someone who isn’t experienced in playing or developing strategy games, Xeno Insignia was a huge challenge for me. My biggest motivation in this project was to learn how to manage a situation where I didn’t have too much knowledge about a genre. The Project Manager asked me to play Advance Wars to do my research, as well as look at levels from Fire Emblem as inspirations. To help with design decisions, I went to people from outside the team to ask for tips.

I did quite a few iterations of the levels I worked on, based on the feedback from my team members and their experience on the genre. I learned a lot from that, which helped me realize what I could have done differently to be more effective to the rest of the team. These lessons were applied in future projects. Additionally, due to time constraints, we had to sacrifice quite a bit of the story, including cutscenes and more dialogue between the protagonists and enemies. This helped me understand what was the focus of the game, and make sure I worked on what was really necessary.

Roberto Guedes