Dilma Adventure (2D Platformer)


Project Overview

Roles: Designer, Writer
2D Platformer
Team Size: 5 Developers

Dilma Adventure was a small chance in a small window for Give Me Five. When we created the company, we were wondering what was the best way to put our names out there. We were in the middle of the presidential campaign in Brazil, so we offered a game to a few candidates. This is the result of it. As we wanted to make it as accessible as possible (back in 2010), we decided to go with Flash instead of the Unity Web Player. It was featured on CNN and BBC, as well as other press vehicles all over the world. You can check it, in Portuguese, here.

Project Details and Challenges

In Dilma Adventure, I took the role of Designer and Writer during development. I applied conventions taught by different developers, such as rewarding for exploration. The main one was only attacking after collecting the red star, but with that also being your health, you needed to be careful. That created some interesting dynamics, and the game was well received. We only wanted one stage, but because of the great feedback and response, we created another level in a different game, Dilma Adventure 2, which was longer, with more paths, and a way to defeat the bird, since people asked for it.

Challenges: As the first ever commercial game, Dilma Adventure was a challenge by itself. We made the game in our spare time, working in different locations whenever we code. Our mission was to make a game in two weeks and then release it. We wanted the game to be hard, which worked up to a point. At the end of the end, we realized that making your last jump pixel perfect wasn’t really fun, which we addressed in the second level.

Roberto Guedes